EMDA for Bladder Cancer

EMDA stands for Electro-Motive Drug Administration. It was especially developed for treatment of superficial bladder tumors. Electro-motive technique improves the effectiveness of the medication that is delivered into the bladder for prevention of tumor recurrence or developing into a more malignant type of tumor.

When is EMDA the right choice?

  • You have, or have had, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
  • You’ve already had the procedure to remove the tumor(s) from your bladder and your doctor has recommended a course of medication placed directly into the bladder (BCG or MMC) to prevent tumor recurrence

How does it work?

The treatment involves placing BCG or MMC through a catheter directly into your bladder. In addition, two sponge electrodes are attached to the abdomen. Both the catheter and the pads are connected to a device that generates a gentle direct current. An electric field between the metal plate on the catheter and the electrodes on your abdomen ensures that the medication moves as directed.

  • BCG is used to prevent or reduce the appearance of tumors
  • MMC is designed to stop the cancer cells from growing
  • EMDA uses an electric current to deliver MMC more efficiently and reduce the frequency of tumors or prevent them from reoccurring.

Why supplement medication with EMDA?

When assisted by EMDA, the medication penetrates deeper into the bladder wall, considerably decreasing the chance of tumor recurrence.

EMDA treatment for bladder cancer

What to expect during the treatment?

The treatment is 30 minutes long and requires no anesthetic.

During the treatment you will have a very slight to no sensation. The electrical current may cause a light tingling sensation on the abdomen under the electrodes.

The drug itself will stay in your bladder for one hour. Then, it is either removed through a catheter or leaves your bladder when you pass urine.

On your first treatment, please expect to stay at our clinic for up to two hours after the drug is emptied from your bladder. On the following visits, you may be able to go home immediately after the drug removal.

How many treatments will I need?

The treatment course involves nine consecutive weekly treatments, followed by a 3-month break, and then 9 monthly visits for maintenance.

How effective is EMDA?

EMDA is more than 3 times more effective versus the medication administered by regular means. The charts below compare the success and survival rates of patients treated with BCG only and BCG combined with EMDA + MMC (chemotherapy medicine).



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