Testimonial for Rezūm Performed by Dr. Dean Elterman

Dr Elterman,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing the REZUM procedure yesterday. Needless to say, I was very nervous. However, your staff, your fellow doctor, Dr H and all the nurses and staff really made me relax for the procedure. You have a great team, and I extend my appreciation to all. Your team really helped me feel comfortable. I thank you very much, and please extend my thanks to all members of your team.

I am looking forward to having a better life with a normal sized prostate!


Highly Recommend Dr. Elterman and the Rezūm Procedure

Dr. Dean Elterman and his team of medical professionals treated my dad with the Rezūm procedure for an enlarged prostate. The procedure went well but unbeknownst to everyone, my dad had kidney stones that hindered his recovery, leading to a blocked ureter, UTI, acute renal failure and urinary retention. Dr. Elterman and his team was monitoring my dad’s recovery every step of the way and accurately guiding us to seek emergency help. Following the removal of my dad’s kidney stones and 6 weeks of IV antibiotics, my father is finally catheter-free, voiding on his own and feeling like his former, healthier self. We’ve dealt with many medical clinics over the years. Dr. Elterman and his team are one of the most responsive, reliable, intelligent and caring medical professionals we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. How often do doctors give their personal cell number to patients? Dr. Elterman did. He trusts that his patients will not abuse the kindness, but he makes himself available and responds promptly when contacted. He is brilliant, compassionate and a gem of a doctor. We highly recommend him and his Rezūm procedure.

K. M.

Rezūm for BPH Testimonial

I had a very enlarged prostate and struggled for over 20 years trying to manage my frequency of urination, urgency at times and great discomfort at public events. I was always looking for the washroom rather than enjoying myself or just suffering with dehydration because I was afraid to drink anything. But, I just did not feel comfortable with the standard TURP which would be major surgery and which could come with some life changing side effects.

Rezum became the perfect solution and it has changed my life. It was a minimally invasive procedure on an outpatient basis; only 15 minutes long and recover right away at home. Within a few months and improving every month from there forward, my urinary flow is like I am 30 years old again; no problems emptying the bladder, very little urgency and absolutely big leap in quality of life. I am so glad that I made the choice to connect with Dr Elterman and get this done; it was worth every bit of time and effort.

— Patient KR