Low Testosterone Symptoms and Treatment Options

Dr. Elterman’s interview on CBC radio about the symptoms of “manopause” and what can be done about this condition.

Depression, brain fog and lethargy. They’re symptoms of a condition that is similar to menopause in women, but in men, it’s called andropause, or testosterone deficiency syndrome.

For women, there is often a sudden drop in certain hormone levels in middle age. For men, however, the change happens gradually over years, says Dr. Dean Elterman, assistant professor in the University of Toronto’s division of urology.

By the time men who are affected do notice a change — in mood or sex drive — the symptoms can be “really quite significant,” affecting men in the prime of their life, Elterman says.

Listen to the interview at http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/testosterone-deficiency-syndrome-1.3495817