Prostate Cancer Detection: SelectMDx

Determine your risk for aggressive prostate cancer

SelectMDx is a urine-based test which helps determine your risk of aggressive prostate cancer, and whether a biopsy may be necessary. Determining your risk of aggressive prostate cancer is important because if the risk is low you may be able to confidently forgo an unnecessary invasive procedure like a biopsy, and if the risk is high, receive the necessary treatment early.

Urologists consider both the results from SelectMDx and your specific clinical factors to determine the next steps for diagnosis. If your risk is very low, you may be able to continue with routine screening. If you’re at high risk, you may benefit from a prostate biopsy and early detection.

Who should use SelectMDx?

Use of the test is recommended if a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test shows elevated PSA levels and/or if you have had an abnormal digital rectal exam (DRE) result.


  • An elevated PSA result is not specific to prostate cancer, and may be indicative of other conditions such as BPH. SelectMDx is a decision support tool specific to prostate cancer.
  • Unlike other prostate cancer tests, SelectMDx provides a risk score not only for prostate cancer in general, but also for the likelihood of aggressive prostate cancer. Those at risk for aggressive disease benefit most from early intervention and biopsy.

How can you get the SelectMDx test?

Talk with your urologist about whether this test is right for you.

There is a two-part process for urine sample collection. Your physician must conduct a digital rectal exam (DRE) prior to you using the kit provided to collect your first urine stream after the exam.